National Association of Agriculture Insurers

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National Association of Agricultural Insurers (NAAI)

National Association of Agricultural Insurers (NAAI) is a non-commercial professional association of Russian insurers providing state-supported crop and animal insurance.
NAAI was formed in 2007 by a group of insurance companies to assist the promotion of modern agricultural insurance in Russian Federation. During 2007-2010, the association actively participated in the process of legal reform related to Russian national system of agricultural insurance, which resulted in the new Federal Law on State Support to Agricultural Insurance №260-FZ, entered into force in January 1, 2012.
From this date onwards NAAI is acting as a professional insurance association authorized by the Low №260-FZ to implement state-supported insurance system for farmers. In 2012, NAAI established guarantee fund required by the law with the aim to protect the insured’s interests in the case of bankruptcy of any of its members.

Korney Bizhdov - president of National Association of Agricultural Insurers (NAAI), vice President of All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA).